The Pits


It all started with Hilda. I mad this BBQ pit from an old propane tank. I definitely learned a lot about fire and airflow in the first couple of years of BBQ. She won me my first ribbon in Brisket and got me hooked on cooking competition BBQ
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Winny the Q


I named this bbq after my Grand Mother. Made by my good friend Kelly O'Sulliven owner of the Steel Guy's It was a great beast that cooked like crazy some days I really miss her but she was kind of a fuel pig.
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These are some of my favourite BBQ picture. Most of these were taken during my most productive time competing in BBQ. With Winny I won my first Grand Championship She is the Pit that got me invited to Douglas Georgia, The American Royal and Best of all The Jack.
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The Trailer is named Elsea . I got tried of having to stay up all night long to baby sit the pit so I became a Pellet Head and started cooking on a Fast Eddy FE100 which we call Eddy a lot easier to cook on but I did loss some of the flavours that I had with WInny.

The Retirement Plan

I Convinced my lovely wife that one day we would want to travel all over North America and enter cook off if and when we want to . So Far the trailer and RV have taken us to Kansas City and Linchburg,Tennessee,Fairbanks Alaska Las Vegas Nevada as we hope to go to every state and province in North America but with a two drink minimum for it to count as being there.
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Elsea II

After June got sick and tired of Derek and Me saying we would do this or that on our next Q she said enough and build the dam thing I might be a bit bias but I thing she is the best pit yet. Mount inside is Eddy and right across a custom pit made by Pit Maker George did a great job modifying one of his sniper pit to match what I was looking for. Now I have the best of both worlds.
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