The Team

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Jessica Fettback
The Garnish Queen!
After spending months perfecting the perfect "Parsley Box" for competition turn-ins I can truly call her a master.
Jessica's other duties include Sales and site clean up.
Caitlins Fettback
Her love of cooking and her attention to detail has helped her achieve perfection when it comes to reproducing our dry rubs for competitions. She is our little Spice Girl!
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Nick Fettback
Nicks love of football made him a natural choice for his job as our main food runner.
Derek Fettback
The Burger King. Derek's burger was featured at Dusty’s Bar and BBQ in Whistler for over a year and was listed as “The Fettback Burger”. Derek has a real knack for the Chefs Choice and Burger categories. It’s always a pleasure to have him come out and help.
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Emily Fettback
Apprentice BBQ helper. She loves cooking with her Dad (Derek Fettback) and is now wanting to be part of the fun and she is helping out where she is able.
June Fettback
The Original "Mad Cow"
Sales , Head Dishwasher and our Chili Cook .
June has always supported my crazy ideas and now after time she even looks forward to them. She has been there with me every bit of the way on this journey to find BBQ perfection. It would not be any fun without her by my side.
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Wayne Fettback
Pit Boss
After being trained as a chef I realized I could not have both a family and a cooking career. Now I have the best of both worlds with a great job and a great hobby that involves all of my family.