I have been ask many of times do you cater and the answer too that would be yes and no. Yes I do but only a limited amount each year so it will not interrupt with my competition schedule and no because I only do it for charities (It's a good karma thing) and for some very close friends. So if you have a worthy cause and I am available I could be your man.
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Menu Suggestions

Pulled Pork
Beef Brisket
Tri Tip
BBQ Side Ribs
BBQ Back Ribs
Chicken Whole or Pieces
Whiskey Soaked Salmon.

Specialty items can be cooked appond request
A little back ground information on Wayne

I am a Red Seal Cook and had the privilege to work at some of the best hotels and restaurants in Vancouver. I specialize in North American Cuisine as well as having a fairly good knowledge of German cuisine as well.
How it Normally works.

I supply the equipment the sauce and spices and the Love. I work with a cater that will supple sides for your BBQ at a charge. You supply the meat either from your butcher or mine. I place a $2000 value on my services and am happy to cook for 2 -200.